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Extension: TLDR

Developer: tldrstuff.com

Screenshot 2013-02-13 at 8.09.00 PM

“TL;DR is one of the glibbest Internet acronyms, often employed as a reflexive rejoinder to overlong forum posts on sites like Reddit. Sometimes, it’s merited as a needed takedown against posters who think that length makes strength, while at others it’s a sad indication of the Internet’s short attention span. The TLDR extension from tldrstuff.com occupies a similar range of usefulness and appropriateness.

TLDR offers both an extensions button in the toolbar and right-click button, both of which condense the current page into a much shorter summary. It’s surprisingly good at scanning the page’s contents to find key points. For obsessive completists who may feel like they’re missing out on key content, the extension also offers medium and long versions of the same page.┬áPerhaps most usefully, the app also lets you quickly search for similar pages via Google.

Recommended?: Yes, if only for novelty’s sake. But in all seriousness, the extension can speed up your browsing and reading a lot more than yesterday’s extension could, while also adding a nice dollop of humor to your browsing

-The ScreenGrab Team

Fastest Chrome

Extension: Fastest Chrome

Developer: fastestfox.com

Unlike yesterday’s extension, this extension runs in the background only and has no in-browser button. Fastest Chrome is theoretically a means of turbocharging your Web browsing. Its key features include:

-Endless pages: it automatically does away with anachronisms like separate pages in Google Search results or articles, loading the next page automatically as you scroll.

-Dictionary: highlight any word to gets it definition

-DuckDuckGo/supplementary search results: quick/summarized search results from DuckDuckGo may appear above your normal stream of Google Search results.

Recommend?: Maybe. I like the endless scrolling pages, but the extension at times seemed to gum up how Chrome was running on Mac (tho I had no issues with it on Chrome OS/Chromebook) – there were more dropped searches and some apparent issues with how Chrome tried to navigate some content management/bug-tracking systems and sites, as well as Facebook apps and games. I like the dictionary feature, tho it isn’t terribly different from the Google Dictionary extension, which I’ll review soon. The supplementary search results felt slightly spam-y.

-The ScreenGrab Team