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How to use Dashclock Widget

Note: on Android KitKat (4.4.x), be sure to go to Settings -> Security -> Enable Widgets to make DashClock usable!

Dashclock Widget is almost a staple on Android 4.2.x devices. It’s a free, fun, and highly customizable lockscreen widget. Here’s how to use it.

Dashclock Widget

Dashclock Widget.

1. Download the free Dashclock Widget app from Google Play.

Dashclock Widget

Adding a new lockscreen widget.

New Widget

Dashclock Widget in the add new lockscreen widget menu.

2. Add Dashclock Widget as a lockscreen widget. You can do this by swiping all the way to the left on your lockscreen and tapping the large “+” sign. Select “Dashclock Widget” and then position it as you like. You can use it to replace your default digital clock widget if you so choose.

Dashclock Widget menu

Dashclock Widget settings/setup.

3. Begin customizing.  Dashclock comes with extensions for Gmail, Calendar, and other apps out of the box, so you can enable/disable individual ones, and reorder/reposition them, too.

Dashclock Extensions

Some sample Dashclock Extensions.

4. Shop for more extensions and compatible apps. I’ve written a quick guide to extensions here. There are a lot of 3rd-party apps that support Dashclock Widget, including Falcon Pro, Eye in Sky, Press, and PushBullet. There are also some handy standalone extensions (non-apps, so to say) like Dashclock Word of the Day and inQuotes Extension. And, above all, consider AnyDash Pro, which lets you add notifications from any app to Dashclock Widget – I’ve found this handy for Snapchat and the stock Email client in particular.

-The ScreenGrab Team


Extension: TLDR


Screenshot 2013-02-13 at 8.09.00 PM

“TL;DR is one of the glibbest Internet acronyms, often employed as a reflexive rejoinder to overlong forum posts on sites like Reddit. Sometimes, it’s merited as a needed takedown against posters who think that length makes strength, while at others it’s a sad indication of the Internet’s short attention span. The TLDR extension from occupies a similar range of usefulness and appropriateness.

TLDR offers both an extensions button in the toolbar and right-click button, both of which condense the current page into a much shorter summary. It’s surprisingly good at scanning the page’s contents to find key points. For obsessive completists who may feel like they’re missing out on key content, the extension also offers medium and long versions of the same page. Perhaps most usefully, the app also lets you quickly search for similar pages via Google.

Recommended?: Yes, if only for novelty’s sake. But in all seriousness, the extension can speed up your browsing and reading a lot more than yesterday’s extension could, while also adding a nice dollop of humor to your browsing

-The ScreenGrab Team