I have thought about the idea of doing themes for different months on this blog. Last month didn’t really have one since I was mostly focused on trying to get back into gear after a mostly moribund 2014. While I had had boundless enthusiasm in 2013 that translated to enormous numbers of page views – I got more than 20,000 in July 2013, for example – I felt worn out for much of 2014 and my output dwindled to a single post in December of last year, about the app Yo, of all topics.

Maybe I will make February’s theme book-oriented (in keeping with the goal set out in my first post of the year). Some of the most enjoyable to write entries in January involved looking at one of Nietzsche’s works, “The Genealogy of Morals.” I’m contemplating a few posts about a recent edition of the complete works of Oscar Wilde that my spouse got me while in Ireland. Or maybe a few entries on a selected works of Aristotle that I have been keeping for years but have barely touched (except for a failed attempt at the “Metaphysics” a few years ago).

Also, I’ll work on a piece about the film “Intolerance” eventually. It might not be the written equivalent of a three-hour film, but I think I can look at some of its themes and how they intersect with recent events like the Charlie Hebdo murders. I feel like I’m in a haze right now, perhaps from watching too much Netflix/Hulu/TV (which never really yields itself to writing in the way that reading or watching long films does). Tomorrow I’ll try to get out of it.

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