Chicago again

For the second time this month I’m back in Chicago to visit family. There’s an orderliness to Chicago that is perfect for my entire uptight/just-so outlook. The city is clean, a series of grids, and no-nonense, without the “we’re the center of the world”-ism that I associate with New York, which isn’t as well-suited to my personality.


The Bulls seem to be doing ok. I remember how good they were 4 years ago, right before I was entering the down phase I described a few entries back. It seemed like every radio station in the city, blaring from the endless cars that went by on Milwaukee Avenue that May 2011, was playing some talk radio station discussing point guard Derrick Rose’s MVP season and whether the Bulls could really beat the Heat (turns out, they couldn’t).

Bill Simmons recently put Derrick’s Rose string of injuries in context. Basically, Rose hasn’t been himself since around the time that Simmons’ site Grantland launched. Grantland now seems like an Internet institution, making Rose’s troubles seem like they’ve been going on for decades. Struggle does have a way of prolonging itself, making itself seem like it’s consuming more time than it really is, perhaps since each setback can be novel and unexpected, rather than ho-hum like the “normal” daily grind, routine, etc that all go by in a blur. Four years isn’t that long, but then again neither is seven (how long ago I first came to Chicago) and it feels like my life in Rhode Island in 2008 is basically pre-history by now.

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