Kentucky journal: Twilight

I’m writing from the WordPress for Android app, in an apple orchard in Kentucky twilight. My cellular connection is EDGE and there isn’t any light except for this screen and a few stars.

A flower from earlier in the day

I just blew a bug off my screen. There are jarflies squawking and dogs howling. The flowers from earlier, once striped, are dark for the night.

13 years ago, I started blogging by writing a poem for my school website, on a Windows 98 PC a few yards from here. The site has moved and the poem survives only on a framed scrap or newspaper, in a story announcing its receipt of a $75 prize.

What did that me, 13, think about when making that verse? A book, sure – maybe Moby-Dick, which he had finished a few months before. But this environment, too. An apple just fell to the ground nearby; gravity is a cliché, but inspiration still lives here.

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