Sunrise: Finally, a good Android calendar app

Android, for all of its strengths, has some glaring weaknesses. Good games often come to the platform second, if at all. App selection and individual app features (grumble Starbucks) still lag iOS.

One of the most annoying gaps in the Android app catalog has been the lack of an alternative to Google Calendar (the Android app, not the overall service). Google Calendar is utilitarian like many or the company’s other official apps. When I compiled my list of alternatives to Google’s android apps, I struggled with calendar apps.


Sunrise is a welcome surprise. The iOS app is now available on Android and Web, providing a beautiful experience that integrates with Google Calendar and iCloud. It’s also possible to connect other accounts (Facebook, Twitter).

The developers went the extra mile and built a nice (transparent!) widget with detailed iconography and information for upcoming events. This is an iOS app reinvented to speak the language of Android, while retaining its signature impeccable design.

The Sunrise widget

Scrolling is smooth and there after plenty of visual cues so you always know where you are in terms of days. They only gripes so far are the sometimes buggy sign in/integration features (esp. G+ and Twitter) and the confusing sun icon in the upper left, which seems actionable but isn’t.

Sunrise is free in Google Play.

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