One Year (Plus) of

I meant to write this entry a few weeks, but became side tracked. My day job requires me to churn out literally thousands of words of custom content per day, which often leaves little in the tank by the time I sit down in front of my cable-less TV each evening.

Pocket informed me today that I was in the top five percent of all users this year, in terms of the number of words read. Apparently, I read enough words to have read The Great Gatsby seven and a half times. I’ve read it twice, but that wasn’t what concerned – the word count made me realize that I’ve written about seven and a half (at least) Great Gatsbies since July alone, including my daily work content, this blog and my Tumblr.

So, a retrospective? This blog is more than one year old and has roughly 100,000 views. On its best day ever, it received 800 views. I’ve raked in $56.49, putting me well on the road to becoming the next John Gruber.

I don’t know much about this blog’s audience. Most of the interactions I’ve had related to my content are: 1) family telling me that they like my entry about Google+/YouTube comments; 2) angry anonymous Demand Media addicts scolding me for my since removed rebuttal of “David Wong”. The latter post has been shared to Facebook/Twitter more than every other post on here combined, showing that I’ve failed at my attempt to be a blogger about Android, Ruby, and Nintendo.

My early entries were much more techy and, I think, pretentious. I wanted to be some respected voice, but I realized that consciously seeking approval and entry into the gated community of tech pundits wasn’t for me. The David Wong entry, and my more recent forays into rebutting doom-and-gloom prognoses about Nintendo, were liberating. In this respect, it’s comforting not having a real audience – there’s no one to throw off or puzzle, since many of my readers only stop by to see what the top Android clock widgets are, and then move on eHow.

But this blog has given me a lot more than just viewership. My explorations of Android after getting my Nexus 4 (the event that really shifted the focus of this blog) put me on a different track, not just with this blog, but in life at-large. I left that startup this May and had a tumultuous June in which I got my current job. Without the time I spent on here going thinking about app design and coding, I would not have been in a position to become a better writer – thinking aloud on entries that very few people read ended up being the type of mental exercise I needed before committing to a new path.

My updates have gotten less frequent, perhaps since there’s only a finite number of words one can spew each day. And spew I do, about enterprise cloud computing and mobile security, before coming home to write poems and filter the TextWrangler screenshots through Pixlr Express, and then maybe write something in here about tips and tricks for Google Play Newsstand. Or make a list – my top 5 Android apps for now– no. If you read regularly, I’m truly appreciative. If not, then I still feel honored that I was granted some of your time. Here’s to another year.

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