6 Best Android Clock Widgets

Clock Widgets

Some sample clock widgets.

There’s nothing more iconic in the Android operating system than the clock widget. From HTC’s distinctive digital clock to the stock ICS/Jelly Bean analog clock, a good clock widget is essential to quintessential Android.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite clock widgets, and provided links below as well.

Holo Clock++

Holo Clock++

Holo Clock++

My favorite. It’s stylish, coming in both white and “Android blue” (a label I almost wish Samsun would use in place of “Pebble Blue“). It displays battery percentage and has a novel approach to hour/minute. Everything is resizable, plus it’s free: plus plus, indeed.

Holo Clock Widget

Holo Clock Widget

Holo Clock Widget.

A nice, big clock that comes in a variety of colors and which links directly to the Clock app. I prefer blue/black, but the red one also goes well with the fantastic SMPL Red icon pack from Creativity.

Clock Now

Clock Now

Clock Now widget.

A very functionalist clock widget: rectangular, with time and a variety of widgets. It works much like a clock-ified version of Battery Widget Reborn, showing you toggles for Bluetooth, wifi, cell data, etc.

Android Clock Widget Pack

Android Clock Widget

Android Clock Widget Pack

Because who doesn’t want a clock that looks like the Android mascot? It doesn’t provide any functionality (not even clicking thru to the stock Clock, sadly) but I enjoy pairing the blue one with the SMPL Blue icon theme.

Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful Widgets Pro clock widget.

Beautiful Widgets Pro is a nice paid widget pack that lets you add widgets of all sizes to your homescreens. It has clock and clock+weather widgets, and it even has its own theme store that has themes and skins for customizing your widgets.


Ultimate Custom Clock Widget

A sample UCCW skin.

UCCW is the Ultimate Custom Clock Widget, but it also allows for widgets of all kinds. You’ll need to install UCCW and then pick from one of its many compatible 1st and 3rd-party skins to get the exact look you want (or create your own). Just search for UCCW in Google Play and it will return 1000s of compatible skins.

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  1. […] Clock: most notable for its analog widget, which is still inferior to some 3rd-party alternatives. […]

  2. Take a look on SDS Clock on Google Play http://goo.gl/Gtqga

  3. Here more clocks from SIXDOTSEVEN. Google Play http://goo.gl/XY5rx

    What people say about sixdotseven clock (copied from sixdotseven post)

    “Clean, modern, pure. An appealing clock that doesn’t have the stale look of a digital (or older) clock like everyone else.”

    “Awesome, great application with simplicity, decent and elegant design. Love it”

    “I absolutely love this clock! Its my favorite so far. I have been using it on my X for months now. I just got the update and its even better, thanks!”

    “Fantastic Sleek and gorgeous. I LOVE that I can turn on/off the background and choose my own font colors too! Can’t see ever using another clock! Thank you!”

    “Finally a clean, simple clock with date and day. Love the transparancy option too.”

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