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PicMonkey is an extension that grants on the fly access to the excellent PicMonkey photo editor app for Chrome. For desktop users, PicMonkey is a lightweight way to manipulate and share photos from Chrome, but on Chrome OS it’s one of the platform’s most efficient ways to perform theoretically resource-intense photo editing tasks. That is, it’s no Photoshop, but it gets the job done – almost like an Instagram you can stick in toolbar. It has filters, as well as the abilities to crop, rotate, and alter color saturation, to name a few.

PicMonkey Extension

The PicMonkey Extension in action

If used on its own, the PicMonkey app for Chrome prompts you to import photos from your your computer, but the extension gives you a nice, context-specific alternative: it scans the current webpage for usable images, and lets you grab whichever one(s) suit you and open it in the editor. So it’s handy for snapping up favorite images as you find them.

PicMonkey on Chrome OS

PicMonkey app for Chrome OS

Recommended: Yes, definitely. I generally recommend PicMonkey for any Chrome OS/Chromebook user, and I regard it even as a nice tool for Chrome on Mac/Windows, too. This extension enriches the app’s ability and gives it more use cases, simply by putting its button on the toolbar.

-The ScreenGrab Team

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