Fastest Chrome

Extension: Fastest Chrome


Unlike yesterday’s extension, this extension runs in the background only and has no in-browser button. Fastest Chrome is theoretically a means of turbocharging your Web browsing. Its key features include:

-Endless pages: it automatically does away with anachronisms like separate pages in Google Search results or articles, loading the next page automatically as you scroll.

-Dictionary: highlight any word to gets it definition

-DuckDuckGo/supplementary search results: quick/summarized search results from DuckDuckGo may appear above your normal stream of Google Search results.

Recommend?: Maybe. I like the endless scrolling pages, but the extension at times seemed to gum up how Chrome was running on Mac (tho I had no issues with it on Chrome OS/Chromebook) – there were more dropped searches and some apparent issues with how Chrome tried to navigate some content management/bug-tracking systems and sites, as well as Facebook apps and games. I like the dictionary feature, tho it isn’t terribly different from the Google Dictionary extension, which I’ll review soon. The supplementary search results felt slightly spam-y.

-The ScreenGrab Team

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